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Videos of the postdoctoral position Mathieu renouf

The simulations are performed with ConF&TiS, a multibody interface coupling the Numerics library of SiCoNoS and OpenMASK.

Brazil nuts effects video

Simulation of "the Brazil Nuts Effect": Small spheres fill a box which contains a bigger one. A oscillatory motion is given to the lower boundary. The interactions between bodies are unilateral contact, restitution and Coulomb friction. During the simulation the bigger particle come to the surface of the sample.

Real-time simulation of spheres moving from a box to a cup. The contact law used for the simulation is a frictional unilateral contact law.

Ball in a bowl video

Masonry Wall Settlement videos

Simulation of the Chateau Gombert experiment. A wall composed of 103 bricks stands on two platforms. One of them is animated of a vertical velocity creating the separation of block. The separation profile of the simulation match strongly with the one of the experiment. See also the Ph.D. of Gilles Saussine (pdf here) to see other simulations with polyedra using the LMGC90 Sofware.

Other movies

Ball in a bowl

The Wall Pink Floyd


800 balls

Depot 800

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