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ma tronche ... I am a researcher in the TRIPOP project of the INRIA Grenoble center in Grenoble. I was two years (2014--2016) in Santiago de Chile at INRIA Chile.
About me: a short interview in Spanish and a detailed CV in English ma tronche ...

My research interests are related to the modeling, the analysis and the simulation of the nonsmooth dynamical systems.Typical examples of such dynamical systems are the mechanical systems with unilateral constraints, (contact), Coulomb's friction and impacts such as masonry buildings,circuit breakers, robotic arms, the electrical circuits with ideal components or the sliding mode control applications. Many other applications may also be found in physics, biology and economics ...

Current research themes:

  • Numerical methods for discrete frictional contact problem
  • Discretization of sliding mode control
  • Dynamic flows over networks
  • Optimal control of sweeping processes
  • Granular flows and rock fracturing process for mines applications
  • Time integration for nonsmooth mechanical systems with a focus on robots and linkages with contact, friction and impacts)
  • Modeling of clearances in joints
European Network for Nonsmooth Dynamics
I am animating a friendly network on nonsmooth dynamics in Europe.

Most of research publications are downloadable there

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