Research interests

One father of the field Jean Jacques Moreau

and one mother of the field michelle Schatzman

Main topics
Main topics of research on Non Smooth Dynamical Systems (NSDS):
  • Moreau's sweeping process and unbounded differential inclusions
  • Complementarity systems, variational inequalities
  • Higher order systems with unilateral constraints
  • Nonsmooth Mechanics, Multibody dynamics with contact, impact and friction
  • Nonsmooth Electronics, Electrical circuits with ideal components
  • Numerical time-integration of NSDS
  • Numerical solvers for the 3D frictional contact problem
  • Non-convex and non-smooth constitutive laws of materials (coupling contact and friction with cohesion and surfacic damage)

Applications, valorization and transfert
Non smooth Mechanics
Roughly speaking, non smooth dynamics is the field of mechanics which deals with dynamical systems gouverned by non smooth laws. Usual examples are unilateral constraints, friction, impact, britlle failure, etc ... My major theoritical interest in this field is the numerical aspect of the sweeping process. The sweeping process is a powerful, both mathematical and mechanical concept introduced by Jean Jacques Moreau .

Favorite Links


Da Vinci: Differential Algebraic and Variational Inequalities in Control and Simulation