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Introduction to nonsmooth dynamical systems. ENSIMAG 2A (2017-2020)

File Title last update
Lecture1_2020.pdf Lecture 1. Introduction and motivations. Oct 2020
Lecture2_2020.pdf Lecture 2. Complementarity systems Nov 2020
Lecture3_2020.pdf Lecture 3. Differential inclusions Nov 2020
Practical works
File Title last update
TD1_20120.pdf TD 1 Oct 2020
TD2_2020.pdf TD 2 on siconos Nov 2020
TD3_2020.pdf TD 3. Stability Nov 2020
File Title last update
TD1_correction_Exo1.pdf TD 1 correction Exo 1 Nov 2019
TD3_correction.pdf TD 3 correction Nov 2019

Lectures on nonsmooth Dynamics (update 2016 and 2018)

Lectures I gave in various places. Summer doctoral schools, University of Limoges, ...
File Title last update
Lecture-LowOrder-Formulation.pdf Low order (relative degree) systems formulation Nov 2018
Lecture-LowOrder-Integration.pdf Low order (relative degree) systems integration Nov 2018
Lecture-Solving-osnsp_Limoges2016.pdf Solving one-step nonsmooth problems (LCP, QP, VI, ...) Nov 2016
Lecture-MechanicalSystems-Formulation.pdf Nonsmooth mechanical systems Formulation June 2018
Lecture-MechanicalSystems-Integration.pdf Nonsmooth mechanical systems Integration June 2018
Lecture-MechanicalSystems-ContactFriction.pdf Solving frictional contact problems June 2018
Siconos_nutshell_2018 Siconos in a nutshell June 2018
Practical session oin ACSYON master
File Title last update
TP Practical session on siconos Nov 2018
CircuitRLCD.py Practical session on siconos. Python file Nov 2018

Mathematical models for Physics (2004-2005).

Elementary Numerical Analysis (2003)

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